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Let us introduce you to the most exciting and very real home based money making opportunity on the Internet. In one sentence this is about getting involved in sharing your opinion and benefiting from an existing TRILLION dollar per year US marketing budget. This simply means that there are new survey opportunities all the time from various companies making this a truly smart and stress free way to make good money.


Our Story

Following a tough change in my family's income situation I started taking paid surveys three years ago. Since then I have been making a handsome living just for giving my honest opinion on consumer matters working less than 25 hours per week from home.

I don't drive a Cadillac, I don't wear a Rolex watch on my wrist and I don't fly in business class BUT I never worry about money anymore and I take a vacation with my family twice a year. I haven't gotten rich but I can proudly say I live large and a stress free life while doing something I enjoy.

The first question I get is how much does it pay. So let's answer that straight away; Each cash survey normally pays between $25 and $70. More importantly however is to have full access to updated paid survey opportunities. This is THE KEY to making really good money without wasting 100s of hours of unpaid time in researching new surveys.

It took significant time, efforts and money to build the  premium database together with a proven system that allowed me to focus only on taking the best paid surveys. I started helping friends out taking surveys and soon we realized that since there is no increased competition it made sense offering our collective efforts and knowledge to others, like you, wishing to get started making money immediately.

We now offer the #1 largest cash surveys resource online and you are warmly invited to join us and enjoy the advantage and reap the benefits from simply copying what I and many others just like you are already doing. 

Read & View Success Stories of Fellow Survey Takers Who Were Given The Key to their Cash Survey's Vault


work at home

“It's been AWESOME...You've got to give it a try!"

Hi, My name is Joe and for about a year now and its been great. Even though still a student the income I receive from doing the surveys has really been helping me out financially. The Surveys are so easy to navigate and I end up doing them in my spare time. Since I love to give my opinion about just anything, anyway even when I don't get paid.... Whereas now I am actually get paid for giving my opinions and you can too.
s been awesome, you've got to give it a try!

Joe Anderson

work at home

"it's the best one... IT IS the BEST one!
...I recommend it to anybody who want to make money in their lives"

Hi, my name is Sharon and I live in San Diego California. Cash Surveys was not the first survey site that I signed up with to do surveys. But  it's the best one!. It is the BEST one I signed up with, because they delivered everything they said they would. And the number of survey offers and resources they have...fantastic!  They've got the most that I've have seen anywhere else. Their customer service team... They helped me through out many jams. I'm still learning getting around on a computer. They were there to help me and they were knowledgeable, they were professional. This is a great site I highly recommend it to anybody who want to make that little extra money in their lives.
Thank you so much!
 Sharon Young, San Diego

work at home

"'s wonderful because you get the money and you get it on  time & that is SO important to me.
...BOY am I glad i checked it out!"

Hi, I'm Sue and I'm so proud that I made more than $1,000 in the last 2 weeks joining  and I've made much more than that too. These surveys and online opportunities to make money are just really great. Even though you get paid from various companies its wonderful because you get the money and you get it on time and that is so important to me. I never knew what a paid survey was until somebody suggested I go to  And BOY am I glad I did! Their site is so helpful. The guides and the instructions in the members area  is very helpful and got me kick started and going right away.
Boy am I glad I checked it out.
Thanks so much!
  Sue Hayes, Virginia


work at home

"I absolutely LOVE this...
I wake up in the morning, check what surveys I can take and get paid for it... it does not get any better than this"

Hi my name is Pat. When the guys at Cash Surveys .net asked me if they could use me in their customer testimonials section I instantly said "yes of course"! now that reaction sort of sums it up. Cash Surveys .net introduced me to the best companies out there, that PAY ME to take surveys! I absolutely love this! I wake up in the morning, check what surveys I can take, and get paid for it! I love working at home like that. If someone I knew was looking for a way to earn some extra income from home,  I would highly suggest it.
It does not get any better than this!  You can make as little or as much as you want based on how many surveys you want to take. Good stuff, thank you guys so much for making this available and thanks for asking me to do this.
Take it easy guys.

Pat Hunt

work at home

"It's a great feeling seeing those pay checks dropping into the mailbox...
I would definitely say you are well paid for the time spent.
I'd be happy to recommend Cash Surveys to others since I know they will also make good money."

Hi I'm Claire Stern and I just wanted to say that I think  is a very useful  site and offers a great service for anyone thinking of taking paid surveys. The resource is perfectly organized and simple to use and I had no problem finding my way around the step-by-step guides. They were clear and comprehensive. They also offered some bonuses that were valuable to me.
It's a great feeling seeing those pay checks dropping into your mailbox. I would definitely say that the responders are well paid well for the time you spend. I have already recruited my mum to Cash surveys so we are actually spending time on Tuesday nights together taking surveys over coffee and a cake while having laugh or two. I'd be happy to recommend to others since I know that they will also make good money. Is a great way to earn a little extra from anywhere you want and at any time it suits you. Do check them out I think you will be pleased with the results.
Claire Stern

work at home

"When I found everything just kinda came together...
... So if you don't really have any good computer skills but still want to make money from home Cash Surveys is DEFINITELY the right thing for you "

Hi I'm Susan from Atlanta, Georgia
After relocating last year with my husband I wanted to find a way where I could to make money from home. So what I did was to  I started looking online but I really didn't want anything that was too complicated and I definitely didn't want to invest any money  so  when I found  everything just kinda came together and It's actually lot of fun taking surveys and I only pick  the ones that are interesting anyway and what I like about it is that there is absolutely nothing to sell. Plus I'm always paid on time and sometimes they even pay me in store vouchers which is cool. I always know how I am going to get paid beforehand so it's always my choice of which ones I want to do or which ones I don't want to do.
So, if you don't really have any real good computer skills but still want to make money from home  is definitely the right thing for you. I'm very grateful I found them so I just wanted this video to bring this opportunity to others too.


work at home

"...The information we give protects their investments and we get paid quite well to do so.
is the ONE STOP SHOP for anyone looking to benefit from all that money being made in the marketing industry. "

Hi my name is Sarah and I live in Dallas. I have been a stay at home mum for the last 2 years with my 2 young daughters. You know being a stay at home mum creates a problem. You have odd hours to get things done so cash surveys suits me perfectly.
I understand now why big companies hire survey takers to gather information for their market research. The information we give protects their investments and we get paid quite well to do so.
is the one stop shop for anyone looking to benefit from all that money being made in the marketing industry.  I am so glad I found you.
Thanks again! Sarah

work at home

" I get paid much more than doing my previous work and for much less time AND I can do surveys at any time.
I didn't realize it was so easy to earn money taking surveys... I'd recommend cash surveys to anyone I know."

Hi I’m  Linda and I'm from Chicago. I was asked if I wanted to say something about my experience with .  And as a very satisfied member I am happy to do that. Now last year I was really struggling studying and working part time at the same time. My college schedule changes every quarter, but unfortunately my part time job schedule didn't  So last month I had to stop my part time work and I found myself without any income and it was quite stressful, this is when I joined Cash surveys and I'm happy to say that it could not have worked out any better than this.  I get paid much more than doing my previous work and for much less time AND I can do surveys at any time, even at college between breaks. It’s perfect! I really only wish I would have found cash surveys a couple of years ago and I wouldn’t have wasted all that time traveling to my part time work which is 25 miles from where I live. I didn’t realize it was so easy to earn money taking surveys and I’d recommend cash surveys to anyone I know… I already have actually so there you go.
Thank you guys!

work at home

" I had some changes in my life recently and I needed to find an easy way to make some money from home.
I joined Cash surveys a few months ago and started making some real cash already within a week or so... it's a great service."

Hi there my name is Gail. I live in Boston and I'm here to support the team at Cash surveys with a quick review. I had some changes in my life recently and I needed to find an easy way to make some money from home and I joined Cash surveys a few months ago and started making some real cash already within a week or so. The database is huge and it’s always easy to find new surveys. I've also tried some focus groups and while they do take some more of your time they usually pay really well and I recommend you try them too. There are never any obligations and there are always these cool opportunities of evaluating new computer games, being a mystery shopper or even dine out for free.  What can I say more than that I think it’s a great service, thanks for listening!


work at home

"... a quality service and it saves me hours and hours of research and offers great opportunities to make money simply by answering a few every day questions and that's about it really...

Hi there good evening. Frank here.. Leeds, Yorkshire, England UK.
Now the other day when Sam from cash surveys asked me if I'd be prepared to do a testimonial to promote for their services I found it quite easy to say yes. Now they are serious and they offer offer a quality service and it saves me hours and hours of research and offers great opportunities to make money simply by answering a few every day questions and that's about it really.
You find all the information on their website, in the members area, where you got access to the hottest top paying cash surveys and I would definitely recommend this to anybody.
I can't really see how you can NOT make any money from it.
Frank, Leeds UK

work at home

"The best part is that it's absolutely risk free you have no outlays or staff just a good income that you control.

I promise...You won't regret it"
Hello my name is Chloe and I live in Denver, Colorado. I’ve found that taking cash surveys is a great way to earn money while staying at home. We have 2 young boys and my husband works full time so it’s been great being able to be my own boss. It didn't take many weeks until I was making good money and the best part is that it’s absolutely risk free …you have no outlays or staff just a good income that you control.   is has been very useful  and I couldn’t have done it so well without them. They’ll let you find and access all the surveys worth signing up with saving you lots of time so that you can do more surveys and make more money. So if you are thinking of taking cash surveys, go with   I promise you won’t regret it.     


"...I'm actually earning more money than I thought I could online. It's not magic but it's real"

Hello I'm Michelle, I needed to find a way to bring some income into my household. I got online one day and started searching for ways to work at home. Luckily I soon came across. Wow I'm glad I did. I'm actually earning more money I thought I could online. It's not magic but its real and it's very flexible and it suits me. I spend about 6-8 hours a week taking surveys, making cash and enjoying it. Take my word for it if you're looking for a clever and easy way to make some real money online you need to get started with


work at home

"I now have enough in my bank account for the last year of my college and making a nice steady income and all because of this.

Hi My name is Greg and I was running sure to fund money for college as I still have a year to go and I started look around for extra income and I found
I checked out their site, signed up and started making money right away by taking surveys for lots of different business.
Having received from cash surveys. They allow me to work at home and still go to school full time. I now have enough in my bank account for the last year of my college and I'm making a nice steady income and all because of

Thanks!, Greg

Amazing Survey facts  

Let's Look at some Facts about Surveys

Market research/paid surveys is an established multibillion Dollar industry.

Market research companies pay well for your opinion so that they can design & market competitive products.
Hundreds of thousands make their full or part time living from Paid Surveys.
Will pay you well for the time you spend. Chose your own area of interest.

Voted "Favorite Work at home opportunity" many times over
   Surveys are legal and generally easy & quick to fill out.
Does not require any purchase or investment. NO ongoing costs.
Surveys usually pay 1/3 cash payments and 2/3 cash payments + vouchers.
Majority of surveys are available for residents of US, UK, AU, NZ & CAN.
100% time flexible. No competition, no products, training, selling or recruiting.
Thriving growing community of survey takers

work at home

How Much are Paid Surveys Paying me?


Online surveys normally pay me from $5 to $75 each, or more

Participation in focus groups compensates me with up to $150 an hour

Phone surveys have been very rewarding as they have paid me up to $120 an hour

I have been paid to try new products and keep the free products too
I have been offered to shop as a mystery shopper making $4 to $25 an hour

I have been offered to preview new movie trailers for $4 to $25 an hour

 I have also been offered to free restaurant dinners plus more & get paid for doing it


  How much Money Can I make? 

Estimate How Much You Could Make Monthly...*

How many surveys will you do a day?
Average money earned for each Survey?
How many days a week are you going to fill out Surveys ?
How many Focus Groups will you do a day?
Average pay per Focus Group?
How many days a week are you going to participate in Focus Groups ?
Weekly Income: $0
Monthly Income: $0
Yearly Income: $0


Survey Checks

Fast forward to 2010 and we can see that the money keeps coming in.

work at home

Survey Companies Want You

Please Take Our 'Matching Survey' now and continue to read past it ONLY if you answer yes to any of these 15 important Questions below (btw. this is the length of a normal $15 paid survey)?


You are looking for a proven, legitimate, flexible and secure home based income?

You prefer to make lots of money, instead of just cents, for the same amount of work?


You don't want to expose yourself to any investments?


You appreciate that it makes sense to copy those who are already making great money and to benefit from their proven systems?


You Don't like selling, Don't want staff nor keeping stock?


You appreciate the value of working less hours and only at times suitable to you and from wherever you want?


You prefer being your own boss while knowing how much you will get paid every week?


You have decided to claim your cut from the $1,000,000,000,000.00 (1 Trillion) per year spent on US Marketing & Market Research?


Understand the value of being paid directly mainly from US Fortune 500 Companies


You seek instant, enjoyable, profitable as well as sustainable Cash Survey Opportunities?


You can appreciate the value of having access to the #1 Cash Surveys Resource online?


You want to know exactly how the top Survey takers make their money and want to copy their proven methods step-by-step?


You don't want to spend 100s of hours locating well paid Cash Surveys?


You appreciate and value your time and only have limited hours available each week.


You understand that if something sounds too good to be true it often is, but when someone recommends that you to listen you listen?


You have answered   0 Yes to above questions.

  If you answered Yes to just one of these questions then joining Cash Surveys today as a valued member is probably the smartest thing you can do.


Like me, I'm sure you see the advantages of being your own boss while making real money getting paid on time by established companies. This is a perfect and legitimate opportunity for stay at home moms, students, or anyone that just doesn't have time for a commute to a dead end, part time job. OR, for anyone who wants to sit in their pajamas and work at home!!

Now you can get started making great money filling out online surveys too. You will receive instant access and can be working by tomorrow! You will have access to 700+ companies that will pay you to sit at home and give your opinion!

I invite you to look over my shoulder and see where and how make my money each week. We all know there is not a whole lot you can do with $30 from 1 survey, but when your apply my proven methods AND have access to the best paying surveys for cash, week in and week out then there is certainly enough to get excited about!

If you are ready to listen, watch and act, I am ready to show you how this can be your reality too!

I'll show you some easy but critical, proven and brilliant easy-to-implement techniques known to only a handful successful survey takers.

I am one of few who has a track record to prove my claims and recommendations. On top of that I offer you even more profitable advice, for those of you who don't want to stop there but want to seriously take your Survey business to the next profit level. And this is the most exciting part, why settle for a little when you can have a lot? 

Taking paid surveys will change your way of thinking of how easy it is to make legitimate money from the comfort of your home. Your life will not be the same after you have copied me and started your very own paid survey business.

"In brief, whether you are new to Surveys or a seasoned Pro I truthfully offer you an invaluable step-by-step introduction and roadmap including instant 24/7 access to the largest updated database of Cash Surveys on the Planet so that you may focus on making money instead of spending countless unpaid hours looking for new Survey opportunities."   Julia Evans

Tell Me Honestly, How Much Is a Step-By-Step Blueprint and Instant Access to a Recurring Home Based Income Really Worth To You?

You are with no doubt a smart person. I understand and respect this so I am not going to make any make irrelevant promises exactly how much money you will make with Paid surveys. Be assured however that the techniques and survey opportunities I will show you are genuine, proven and works brilliantly for me and many other top Survey takers. I personally invite you to just see and try for your self how much more you can do with your time.

I wanted to make this life changing opportunity affordable enough so that anyone could get started. Having spent upwards of 1,500+ hours completing the information in the members area and the ongoing time and costs to keep it updated we charge each member only a symbolic fraction of the real value cash survey represents to our members. In addition I offer a no ifs no buts satisfaction guarantee (see below).

Important note: You may have seen "Free paid surveys" listed in the search engines or heard of them.

First please be assured that ALL surveys are free to join. You even get paid to do them remember. Having access to a few soon outdated survey opportunities may work for a week or two but I am confident you understand that there is unfortunately nothing of real value offered for free.


A Lifestyle Choice -  An Ongoing Home Based Income Can Become Your Reality for Only $39.50

work at home

Are You Ready for a lifestyle change where an recurring home based income is a reality?

The information I share with our members is indeed very valuable to anyone seriously interested in making money online and from the comfort of their home. So deciding on a price was not easy. There are companies asking over $200/month for a similar (but still limited) service.

Here is a secret for you...I already pay for many such expensive monthly subscriptions and make it all (legally) available to our members for a one time fixed membership fee of only $39.50. I hope you can see the massive value in the information our membership offers you. Your immediate family may also access Cash Surveys via just one membership.

Please note that you pay only once for a lifetime membership access. It is not a recurring subscription.


Don't Waste Another Second. Access Your Paid Surveys Now and And Bank Your Share Today



bonus offers 

Get paid to Shop



Mystery Shopping

Likely the most comprehensive guide & resource online for how to make the most out of the growing trend of Mystery shopping. Access 100s of active offers.

Value $49 - Included


Merchandising Jobs Nationwide


Merchandising Jobs Nationwide
Access our complete step-by-step guide, Quickly locate and land your next merchandising job, Full search in our nationwide database.10,000s of current opportunities
Value $59 - Included

The Home Business Library


The Complete Home Business Resource Library

You'll see why!

Value $119 - Included

Undisclosed VIP Bonus



Undisclosed Bonuses

These represent complete step-by -step guides and databases to some of the most clever and fun ways to get paid for simply doing what you do everyday

Value - Priceless

 All you need to do now is to click the join Cash Surveys button below

and you will be taken to our secure and hassle free order form.   

"PRIORITY " Order Form

CashSurveys Lifetime 100% Access VIP Membership.

No recurring billing ever 

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YES!  I Want To Access To 100s of Cash Survey Opportunities and MUCH more Immediately For the Special of $97 Only $39.50

Yes Julia, I am ready to start earning money from home. I would like to learn your "proven methods" of making money with Cash Surveys using your step-by-step instructions and have full access to the acclaimed Surveys database.

  • Yes I understand that I will gain instant 24/7 access to the members area & recommended resources in a secure members area with an individual password

  • Yes I understand you will hold nothing back and show me the exact same tactics and strategies you have used successfully.

  • Yes I understand that there are no hidden charges or fees and that I will never be billed again.

  • Yes I understand that a best practices step-by-step guide with techniques used by you and a few other top Survey earners can substantially increase my own Survey earnings.

  • Yes I understand that I will receive direct access to several additional proven and legitimate home based income opportunities (Bonuses).

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